A breakdown of Dubai Expo 2020 and why it matters to the region

A breakdown of Dubai Expo 2020 and why it matters to the region


As each day in October passes, the Dubai Expo 2020 is welcoming thousands of visitors each day. However, many people across the world and even in the UAE might still not know about the purpose of this event and why Dubai is holding it. In this article, we will discuss everything necessary to know about Dubai Expo 2020. The Expo will run from October 1st, 2021, to March 31st, 2021.  

What is an Expo?

World Expo, also known as the world’s fair, is a worldwide event where nations participate to showcase their achievements in various areas of culture and technology and discuss the potential of collaboration and partnership on building a better future.

The World Expo has been around for 170 years; the event has been held every five years since 1851. Each time, the World Expo takes place in a different country with unique characteristics and themes. The last Expo took place in Milan in 2015 with the theme of “feeding the planet, energy for life,” which focused on the intersection of technology and nutrition. 

Dubai Expo 2020 is the latest international exhibition from the World Expo events, hosted by Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Around 192 countries are participating in Dubai Expo 2020 to host visitors at their pavilions and showcase their culture, cuisine, art, technology, innovations, inventions and more. 

How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted Dubai Expo 2020?

Originally, the exhibition was to happen from October 20th, 2020, to April 10th, 2021. However, the global pandemic led to various debates and discussions about postponing the event. Ultimately, the organizers concluded that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they had to push the Expo to 2021. 

Despite the one-year delay, the Expo’s name remained “Dubai Expo 2020” due to marketing and branding purposes. A change of name would have also impacted future Expo names and plans.

Visitors need to present proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test taken within the previous 72 hours before entering the exhibition. Visitors are also required to wear face masks indoors and outdoors and comply with social distancing regulations. Although we are all used to such safety measures, it is no doubt that they are a hallmark of how the pandemic has impacted the event.

What are the main themes of Dubai Expo 2020?

This year, the theme of the Expo is “connecting minds, creating the future,” with a focus on sustainability, mobility, and opportunity as sub-themes. Each participating country participates under a sub-theme. For instance, Germany participates in the sustainability sub-theme, whereas the UAE participates under the opportunity sub-theme.

The sustainability sub-theme focuses on the intersection between nature and technology. It examines how we can preserve the environment while continuing to increase technological advancements. It explores ways to find a balance between the rise of technology and taking care of Earth. Countries representing this sub-theme offer various experiences that help visitors explore the nature of the country or the technology it has developed to preserve nature. The Czech Republic pavilion, for instance, showcases to visitors how barren land can turn into fertile land using solar energy. 

Mobility is the sub-theme that examines the movement of ideas, products, and information. It is about living in a world with limitless connections. The belief is that through increased mobility, we will continue transforming how we live, connect to others, grasp and understand other cultures, and exchange tangible and intangible fruits of human intelligence. Some country pavilions, like South Korea, have used this sub-theme to develop sophisticated architecture meant to demonstrate the intricacies of mobility through intermixing the virtual and the real. 

The opportunity sub-theme explores how every person can unlock billions of opportunities to help individuals and communities create a better future. Everything we do has an effect that can change the whole world. It is up to us to understand the power of this effect and guide it toward better potential changes. Countries under this theme help facilitate activities and events that encourage attendees to share ideas, learn, and explore ways to help change the world.

What industries participate in Dubai Expo 2020? 

Almost every type of industry is presented in Dubai Expo 2020. Nations participating in this exhibition feature the best of their various industries. The industries presented depend on each country’s preferences but include the following sectors: art, food, technology, history, traditions and cultures, medicine, environment, and much more. 

For instance, just outside of the United States of America’s pavilion, there is a replica of Space X ship that presents American space programs. The variety of things you can see in each part of this exhibition is extraordinary, and we strongly recommended that you visit if you have the chance. 

What experiences can you gain in Dubai Expo 2020?

Whether you are a student, a professional, or just a culture/technology enthusiast, there is a new experience to gain for you in Expo 2020. You can learn about the history of different nations, become familiar with various cultures, try out traditional foods, find out about new technologies they have developed, and more.

If you are a professional, you should take the Expo seriously because it offers ample opportunities to expand your career and organization. Many country pavilions host individuals from the public and private sectors interested in forming partnerships with their industries or government, so there is ample opportunity to network and initiate new business or professional possibilities. 

Meet Opti, Alif and Terra

Meet Expo Mascots Opti, Alif and Terra

What is the significance of Dubai Expo 2020 for UAE and the middle east?

It is a great honor to host a World Expo. Every time a nation hosts an international exhibition, there will be a spotlight on that country as a global leader in various industries and new technologies. It is no different for Dubai and the UAE. 

Dubai’s ability to host the Expo, which requires plenty of funding and years of work to develop the necessary infrastructure, portrays the UAE as a very capable nation. With this, the UAE and its neighboring countries have a chance to demonstrate to other countries their potentials as reliable allies in building a better future. As a result of this favorable image, many countries and organizations might find interest in conducting more business and partnerships with the UAE.

Moreover, the UAE and middle east’s tourism and hospitality sector will continue to rise now that the region has a chance to demonstrate its appeal on a global scale and to millions of visitors that will attend the Expo from across the world. Soon enough, the UAE and middle eastern countries may become giant tourism hubs. 

Which industries will the Dubai Expo 2020 impact most?

Experts anticipate three UAE industries to be significantly impacted by the Expo. 

  • Real Estate: Experts believe that Dubai’s real estate industry will probably see notable growth, which is great news. An estimated 60,000 properties will be added to the market, an indicator that the housing market is moving towards becoming more lively than any time after the 2008 crisis. 


  • Hospitality & Tourism: With more than 25 million visitors anticipated to participate in Dubai Expo 2020, many of whom will be tourists, the region’s tourism industry may significantly enhance. As tourism grows, the need for hospitality services will also increase. Consequently, there will be higher occupancy rates in hotels and accommodations for the duration of Dubai Expo 2020. This forecast does not just apply to tourism in the UAE but the region in general.


  • Banking & Finance: Experts estimate that funding projects arising out of the Expo will require around 30 billion AED. If projections meet reality and many foreign investors and organizations invest in these projects, the financial sector in the UAE will drastically expand. 
How can you attend Dubai Expo 2020?

There are various types of passes for those who want to visit Dubai Expo 2020. Here are the details:

  • 1-Day Ticket: Costs AED 95 for adults (18 to 59 years). This ticket is valid only for one day.
  • Multi-Day Pass: Costs AED 195 for adults and allows for 30 consecutive days from 1st day of use. 
  • October Pass: Costs AED 95. This pass offers unlimited daily access during October, even though it costs as much as the 1-day ticket. This is an excellent special offer to attend Dubai Expo 2020. 
  • Season Pass: Costs AED 495 and offers unlimited entries for the entire six months.
  • Premium Experience pass: Costs AED 1750 and comes with the most benefits. You will be given unlimited entries for the six months, access to the Expo B2B App (super beneficial for business professionals looking to expand their network), priority access to select business events, five entries to the premium lounge, access to a dedicated concierge, guided tours, and discounts on food and beverage.

It is worth mentioning that some days might require prior reservation. Entrance is free for youth between ages 6–17, senior citizens aged 60 or above, students, and people of determination.


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