Gholamreza Maleki

Managing Director

Gholamreza Maleki has served as the Managing Director of Newcom since December 2003. He has assumed many significant roles over his decades long career; these include acting as an educator, Chairman of the Board, Director of the Board, Managing Director, and Chief Executive Officer. Throughout his career, Mr. Maleki has worked with various market leaders specializing in consumer electronics, gaming products, Information Technology, and smartphone accessories across distribution, retail, and e-commerce sectors in the Middle East and Africa region.

As a result of more than thirty years of experience in leadership, consulting, and management, Mr. Maleki has become an expert in recognizing market demands and concentrating that knowledge into meeting customer and client needs, thus achieving stellar results in quality management. He holds a degree in chemical engineering.

Mr. Maleki’s vision is that through empathy, cooperation, mutual respect, and mutual understanding, the world can become a more suitable place for those who wish to excel in it. He maintains that by offering high-quality training to employees, and stellar services to channel partners, brand partners, and various government entities, Newcom can collectively impact the society it functions in and thus work towards a better future that fulfills his vision.