In recent past Interactive Flat Panel Displays are broadly used than before. Newcom is a leading hikvision authorized distributor in UAE. Hikvision's products lead in these adaptable, multi-functional arrangements with ultra 4K resolution, precise on-screen writing, built-in whiteboard software, and wireless screen projection, catering to different local and remote collaboration and education segments.

Conventional assembly rooms frequently require a projector and all of the right cables, a whiteboard and writing utensils, and other items -- and the entirety need to be available and running properly whilst you need them. But now, Hikvision Interactive Flat Panel Displays offer the all-in-one option to replace all of that. Always at the geared up for conferences, workshops, and other programs, Hikvision's interactive monitors set you and your team loose from complex practise and unsure results – so that you can get to work.

Wireless projection
Built-in whiteboard
4k display
Eye protection

Advanced industrial design

The interactive panel’s optical bonding feature helps to decrease reflection and remove ghosting for a fluid writing experience. With ultra-fine 150 mesh sandblasting, these screens provide you with an extraordinary user experience. You'll like using a unique elite display board to help your 4K display with anti-glare and blue light filtering.

User-Friendly UI

With User-Friendly UI provides a better experience with a simple homepage minus one screen and three new shortcuts. With a two-screen split display and one-click switching between Android and Windows operating systems, it makes it easy for the user to use the Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Built-in Whiteboard Software

Upgrade your conference experience for the presenter and the audience with Hikvision interactive Flat panels featuring pen pick-up detection, graphic recognition, built-in search engine, and QR sharing and saving and much more

Wireless Projection

Enjoy wireless image projection of Four devices at the same time along with reverse control. This is the next step in technology for efficient and intelligent idea-sharing and teamwork. Hikvision interactive Panel display offers an easy image projection facility in just a two-step setup.

Best Interactive Flat Panel For Remote Collaboration

Remote teamwork has end up normal for companions round the world. That's why Hikvision's interactive flat panels provide a wide range of far off video conferencing options with their built-in camera and microphone. Dual working structures also make sure significant compatibility with numerous teleconferencing apps.

Boundless communication
Integration with mainstream conference software
Stable and Smooth View

Support Mainstream Conferencing Software

Hikvision has fostered a compelling answer for distant video conferencing with a straightforward, solid stage for sound and video, talk, and online courses. They work with different cell phones, PCs, and work areas. Also, with the assistance of the OPS with Windows 10 implicit, double activity frameworks permit a wide range of Mainstream Teleconferencing Software running right on the board.

Flexible Product Combination

HIKVISION offers numerous alternatives and mixtures that will help you attain your unique requirements. All-in-one convention flat panels are to be had to free you from complex convention practice and release your subsequent collaboration. A kind of add-ons also are geared up and to be had that will help you construct a suitable teleconference experience.

Best interactive flat panel for education

Hikvision’s interactive flat panel for education is a new kind of intelligent teaching method. It comprises of latest technologies of touch controls, HD displays, video processing, network communication, interactivity, and audio, with abundant third-party teaching resources. Interactive panel for the classroom has a wide range of uses like online teaching, remote learning, training events, and much more.

With Latest Technology

Hikvision’s Education Flat Panel features a friendly user experience with a UHD 4K display, quick response, up to 20-point touch controls, and a smooth writing experience. Users will enjoy the wireless projection and reverse control from a mobile phone or tablet to build remote and flexible teaching opportunities. It comprises built-in whiteboard software, graphic recognition, QR sharing and saving teaching notes, and much more.

Safer Educational Environment

Education Flat Panel features a compelling all-in-one design with tempered glass and intelligent temperature control, making it environmental-friendly and safe for virtual use. With anti-glare technology can filter over 90% blue light to protect human eyes.

Providing enriched education resources

Educators can integrate various tools and materials with OPS, all kinds of third-party teaching applications can be downloaded on the panel. Teachers and students alike will enjoy convenient writing, erasing, recording, preparing, and instruction. For easy access of users the quick search to find audio, video, or image files on local and USB files can be auto-classified.