6 Ways Interactive Flat Panel Displays Absolutely Benefit Business Organizations

Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFPD) can cause a significant revolution in the way companies and offices collaborate. With all of the beneficial features IFPDs provide, the amount of engagement in business meetings and conferences will transform into a truly magnificent level, something that has never been possible before! But how? How can their features benefit a business? What makes Interactive Flat Panel Displays such a great addition to workplaces?

In the previous two articles we published regarding Interactive Flat Panel Displays, we introduced these devices and delved into their top features, and also discussed how they can be really beneficial in educational institutions for both instructors and students. But in this part, we are going to elaborate on six of the most important benefits these collaborative powerhouses offer to businesses and corporate offices and the key features they present for these organizations.

1. Easier and quicker set up

Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Courtesy of Samsung.

Connecting a laptop to a large monitor has always been a viable option for business meetings. However, Interactive Flat Panel Displays offer a much easier and faster alternative. Whereas with the former, you have to connect a laptop to a monitor with USB-C or HDMI cables and deal with a slower, more annoying process, IFPDs are just ready to use for meetings!

With how easy and fast the setups of IFPDs are, business meetings can begin much more quickly, without any unnecessary delays. Most models are all-in-one devices and feature built-in software apps, such as ZOOM software and a web browser, to handle collaboration and interaction easily with everything needed. Sure, you can always connect your laptop to an IFPD as well, but in many situations, you do not need to.

The ease of setting up and working with IFPDs also means that hosts do not have to call the IT department every time they want to conduct a conference. This can also reduce time and financial expenses for IT staff, and the IT department would be free to focus only on more pressing tasks.

Moreover, since IFPDs provide new and innovative ways to collaborate, conference rooms equipped with interactive displays can help teams complete their projects much faster.

With IFPDs, everything is already set up; the software apps are built-in and available, the screen is smart and does not require a laptop connection, and every data is shared with everyone without needing a third-party application. And on top of that, IFPDs are very easy to use. As a result, the extent of connectivity and availability IFPDs offer is extraordinary and can greatly improve digital communications, leading to everything being done quicker.

2. More engagement in the office using Interactive Flat Panel Displays

One of the most essential factors of an impactful conference is having a good amount of engagement among the presenters and the audience. In fact, one main goal of a business meeting is to engage the participants; in order to have an effective presentation, everyone needs to be involved. Interactive Flat Panel Displays are just the right option for achieving this goal.

IFPDs increase engagement levels among the participants during a business meeting by allowing the focus to shift from the presenters to the audience. These interactive displays let multiple participants draw or write on a document or other visual materials at the same time. Anyone can share their documents on the display and annotate them in real-time. These factors result in making normal presentations into engaging conversations.

For example, imagine a marketing meeting. Having a smart and interactive screen in the room and using its unique feature can surely gain the attention of your team more than the traditional method of conducting a marketing meeting and can lead to more engaging conversations. Using IFPDs, the person conducting the marketing meeting can easily display various documents, reports, and even the social media pages of the company, and other members of the meeting can, in real-time, join in by sharing their own documents and pages just by connecting their devices with the IFPD. By creating this level of dynamism in everyday meetings, employees become more engaged with their work and one another.

3. Employees and meetings become more focused

Almost all Interactive Flat Panel Display models come with recording capability, which is very useful for business conferences. Since everything covered in a meeting is recorded and saved, no one needs to worry about taking senseless notes or using their smartphones to snap photos of the main display. Notes and screenshots can be taken in real-time with flawless accuracy and quality; in fact, the built-in recording feature in IFPDs allows the presenter(s) to simultaneously take screenshots and directly put them into the whiteboard app.

You can also have the IFPD record all of the notes presented during the meeting. When the meeting is over, the recorded captures and notes can be shared with the participants digitally. The outcome is having more focused meetings with fewer distractions.

4. A more communicative workplace

Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Communications and collaborations are among the most important factors driving workplaces these days. The way information flows throughout a company’s team members has a significant effect on its efficiency and productivity. Teamwork and collaboration also increase employees’ motivations. Essentially, effective communication is beneficial for both the company and its employees.

But in the digitalized world of today, it is not easy to have every employee together in one place at the same time. Many of them might not even be in the same city. And Covid-19 has made the situation even worse as many cities are still under lockdown and employees work from home rather than show up to the same office. This, many believe, is hindering the way employees communicate, which ultimately impacts their performance.

IFPDs make communication easier by removing many boundaries. Interactive Flat Panel Displays allow information and data to be instantly shared between teams and their members when they are in a virtual meeting, without it feeling as though they are sitting in a boring meeting where attendees are endlessly looking at each other or a static presentation. Instead, they may have a wider and more detailed look at the whole presentation, including the presenter, other participants, and the presented data and statistics.

5. More convenient processes for sharing ideas

Interactive Flat Panel Displays are very convenient and easy to use. With interactive displays, no one needs to worry about poorly drawn flip charts, unreadable diagrams, marker pens running out in a crucial moment, or overhead projectors with bulbs that burn out halfway through a presentation. Instead, everyone can stay focused only on the presentation and the topics of the meeting rather than get distracted by these tedious issues and problems.

IFPDs allow ideas and data to be easily shared, documents to be written over with digital fonts using a stylus pen or a finger, images be moved around or even resized, any other changes or added data be presented in real-time. Also, since there is no need to fiddle with different wires or struggle with external connection sources, business meetings could be arranged and set up on very short notice.

Moreover, thanks to collaborative software applications, employees from other locations could also join the conference and participate remotely. This can avoid unnecessary business trips and greatly reduce a company’s costs.

Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Courtesy of Samsung.

6. A consistent workflow

Interactive Flat Panel Displays can work like a big screen that shows project status, teams’ progress, statistics, and other important figures for everyone to see what stage each task is in and have a clear mind on how the progress of their projects are going.

Since these data are all in digital form, team members can easily update the status of their process almost instantly. In this way, everyone is up-to-date and well informed all the time. Collaboration becomes even more simple and transparent, and everyone truly feels the difference they are making because they can see their progress constantly. It is worth mentioning that this can consequently increase productivity in the workplace.

The ability of Interactive Flat Panel Displays to show real-time progress on various projects and tasks can also increase the unity among team members and create positive competition between different teams. Since all the statistics, project status, and teams’ progress are being displayed on the screen, team members are more likely to become motivated to deliver better results and business growth from their own team. In this process, team members become more unified to compete with other teams and reach better results, thus increasing their group work capabilities.


The six features we covered, combined with all the other benefits and advantages that Interactive Flat Panel Displays provide, will make companies and corporate offices much more productive. They increase the quality and quantity of communications among employees, lead to better and easier collaborations, and accelerate and simplify business procedures that would normally take much more time and effort. These revolutionary devices are very convenient and cost-effective, and they can play an important role in the effectiveness of a workplace and their productivity.

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