Portable Document Scanners Are Now More Relevant Than Ever Before

In the digitalized modern world of today, document scanners are a crucial part of the industry. A document scanner is a device that converts written texts on papers into digital data. In an era when all offices and companies store their information as digital data in their computers, the use of document scanners has become necessary in order to speed up the process of converting physical documents into digital texts. The factor of time aside, digital documents also save space, reduce financial costs, and improve the efficiency of a workplace as everything is accessible in one single computer.

And today, there are also portable document scanners available, which are designed to be carried out anywhere, at any time. These scanners are powered by batteries and store the scanned texts in their internal storage. In recent years, these devices have gained more popularity as more people in a wide range of industries began to take interest in them. In fact, analyses have estimated that the market for portable document scanners will grow by 4% during 2020-2024, leading to a $1.28 billion growth in revenue. Researches and reports demonstrate how profitable these devices have become in the IT industry, particularly as world-renowned document scanner producers like Canon have rushed to innovate the best portable document scanners possible.

One of the most well-known companies in this industry is IRIS, a manufacturer that produces some of the best portable document scanners in the world. IRIS, which stands for Image Recognition Integrated Systems, was founded in 1986 and has always been one of the world leaders in Optical Character Recognition technologies and mobile scanning. It is also worth mentioning that IRIS is a member of the Canon group.  

Digital documents provide great document management solutions compared to traditional physical papers, and today, more people are realizing the importance and benefits of having a digitalized workplace. Each industry has its own needs, and a proper electronic document management system can help fulfill them. As a consequence of businesses digitalizing their operations and data-storage procedures in various industries, the demand for document scanners is increasing in various industries.

The Different Industries That Use and Benefit from Portable Document Scanners 

Healthcare and medical systems, for instance, are demanding more scanners as they have been becoming digitalized in the past years. The legislation passed by various governments across the world, such as HITECH that was established in 2009, has also impacted the increased demand for portable document scanners, particularly because these legislations pressure healthcare systems and medical facilities to transfer all records to versions that can be stored digitally.  Moreover, storing data in a digital form and having electronic health records allow authorized users to gain access to their desired information instantly, accurately, and securely. The above-mentioned points signal how the use of portable document scanners makes everything simpler and easier for both healthcare centers and patients. 

Another significant consumer of document scanners is law firms. It is no secret that plenty of paperwork is involved in a single court case or lawsuit. With the help of portable document scanners, people in the legal industry can easily store, organize, and have access to all of their important documents and records. By using proper methods of Cyber Security, law firms can also ensure the security of confidential documents. Having digitalized law firms with the help of portable document scanners allows this industry to increase their work accuracy, carve out an easier process for accessing and transferring documents, and save a significant amount of space, time, and money. 

Accounting firms are also becoming more digitalized. Like law firms, maintaining hard copies of documents and financial records in accounting firms is also costly and space-occupying; whereas digital data allows these firms to save a lot of time and become more efficient and accurate in their work. Consequently, the demand for portable document scanners is increasing in accounting firms.

Scanners are also getting more interesting to architecture firms as well. These firms contain a lot of blueprints and drawings on physical papers, which could be converted into a digital format by using a document scanner. A digitalized system in the architecture industry allows professionals to easily share their work and the information of their drawings. The business processes would also become more optimized. As the result of these actions, the collaboration, performance, productivity, and also the profits of the industry would grow. Therefore, architecture firms are demanding more scanners for their work. Large-format scanners let them handle any complex engineering blueprints and drawings, while portable document scanners provide them convenience and flexibility.

Last but not least are governmental organizations, which make up one of the largest sectors that demand the unique features of portable document scanners. Government offices have some of the largest collections of important documents, such as the records of social services, children and families, tax, trade, business, maps, and so on. And since most of these documents are significantly crucial and have very strict retention policies, they are required to be held onto for a long period of time. Thus, by using document scanners and converting these records and information into digital data, government agencies can save a considerable amount of space, time, and unnecessary expenses.

Alongside the above-mentioned industries, there are many others that are already using portable document scanners or becoming interested in what they have to offer; as such, the best models of portable document scanners are in more demand now than ever before. To About, their Product Range Click here.


Overall, portable document scanners are gaining more and more worldwide popularity every day, and they are already in demand in a wide range of companies and offices. Considering how the world is moving toward a more digitalized era, it is no wonder that the market for these scanners is on rising throughout different industries. They increase workplaces’ accuracy and efficiency, simplify processes, make things more convenient, free up unnecessarily occupied spaces, reduce costs, and most importantly, save time.


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