Jai Bhatia

Director Sales and Marketing

Having joined Newcom in 2015, Jai Bhatia brings more than 20 years of valuable sales and marketing experience within the Information Technology (IT) industry to the senior management team. An enthusiast of the IT industry with an aptitude for marketing, business planning, and channel sales, Mr. Bhatia has utilized at Newcom to build a successful marketing and sales team. He strongly believes in the power of interpersonal relationships and allots plenty of attention to it when strategizing how the company can provide the best services to its vendors and partners through the efforts of the marketing and sales departments. He graduated from university in India with a degree in commerce.

Due to Mr. Bhatia's strong problem-solving capabilities and attentiveness to market trends, his team has successfully handled and expanded the sales operations of Newcom’s brands. Furthermore, Mr. Bhatia’s energetic persona and idealism continuously work as a significant source of motivation for his team to strive in their projects and tasks, which further advances Newcom’s visions and goals.

A natural team player, Mr. Bhatia’s vision is that by providing the best services to Newcom’s partners and advancing the careers of Newcom’s employees through robust training, Newcom will become the best value-added and computer accessories distributor world-wide.