Newcom & Arozzi Partnership Announcement



Newcom is extremely excited to announce its distribution partnership with Arozzi, a decade-old Swedish gaming accessories company with expertise in designing some of the most lucrative gaming headsets, desks, and ergonomic chairs. Newcom is now the authorized distributor of Arozzi’s entire product range for the UAE, which includes gaming chairs, desks, simulator stands, webcams, and more.


The partnership developed as a result of Arozzi and Newcom’s common interest in expanding their opportunities in the middle east gaming accessories market. “Arozzi is a very prestigious and renowned brand in the region,” stated Cynara Miranda, product manager at Newcom. She later added, “We strongly believe that their gaming lineup suitably complements our existing product range, enabling us to provide our partners a complete basket of gaming products.”


Mathias Löfholm, account manager at Arozzi, supported Ms. Miranda’s statements about the recent partnership by adding, “Newcom is a very strong and active organization, with the right customer connections.” Mr. Löfholm later expanded on his optimism about the future of the partnership. He stated, “We hope for a long-term relationship and wish to work together to improve Arozzi’s brand awareness and increase Arozzi’s market share in the medium and high-end gaming segment to 20% in the next few years.”


Jai Bhatia, sales and marketing director at Newcom, seconded Mr. Löfholm’s assertions. Mr. Bhatia added, “Newcom plans to elevate its involvement in the gaming accessories distribution market to the next level. Arozzi’s superior design and quality signaled that they are the right company to work with to mutually advance our interests in the UAE, and hopefully beyond.”


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