Newcom & Lindy Partnership Announcement

Newcom & Lindy Partnership Announcement



Newcom is proud to announce a new partnership with Lindy Electronics Ltd, a UK-based manufacturer of computer peripherals and audiovisual solutions with 90 years of experience in the electronics industry. Newcom is now the authorized distributor of Lindy’s entire product portfolio for the Middle East and North Africa region, which includes IT and AV cables, converters, splitters, as well as KVM switches.


Behind Lindy and Newcom’s partnership is a unified mission to form excellent relations with customers and exceed their expectations by offering high-quality products. “Lindy’s premium solutions to connectivity issues are the main reason we decided to partner with them,” stated Jai Bhatia, director of sales and marketing at Newcom. Mr. Bhatia continued by adding that Lindy’s length of expertise and credibility will be at the forefront of familiarizing the market with the brand and its wide range of products.


Given the constantly changing nature of work and the introduction of hybrid and remote work trends, there is an ever-increasing demand for excellently made connectivity technologies that allow enterprises and individuals to perform effectively. Lindy and Newcom hope to actualize their vision of expanding their reach across the region by satisfying the needs of consumers in this regard.


“Lindy’s products ideally complement our existing portfolio. We share many common business partners, offering us an opportunity to increase wallet share with existing business and explore ample new opportunities in untapped areas,” stated Junaid Ahmad, product manager at Newcom. Concerning the future of the partnership, Mr. Ahmad showcased great optimism, adding, “We are confident that, with our strong partner ecosystem and Lindy’s quality products, we can grow the business to a substantial level across the MENA region.”


Alexandru Tunaru, head of sales for Lindy International, also expressed his excitement and confidence about the partnership, stating, “We are pleased to partner with Newcom, one of the most relevant distributors in the UAE.” Mr. Tunaru added, “Through [Newcom’s] consistent resources, client portfolio, and vast experience, we are confident that we will develop a fruitful partnership and make Lindy the first choice in connectivity for the customers in the Middle East and the African regions.”


To remain updated on the latest news about Lindy’s latest products and releases in the market, please get in contact with us.

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