Sandeep Bhagtani

Chief Executive Officer

Sandeep Bhagtani is a hands-on Chief Executive Officer with expertise in business development, operations and team management, and product sourcing in the Information Technology (IT) sector. Through using his business acumen, advanced knowledge of market trends, strategic foresight, and ability to build effective teams, he has been a powerful force in contributing to the strong foundations of Newcom’s structure and success. Mr. Bhagtani came to Dubai with a vision to establish an innovative and successful business in the IT sector and has accumulated over 20 years of experience in the United Arab Emirates.

Over 10+ years of leadership at Newcom, Mr. Bhagtani has played a strategic role in evolving Newcom to a leading IT distributor and a valued partner for globally renowned brands. Through strategically selecting the right management staff and exercising a leadership style that places trust and autonomy in the hands of employees, he has served as a growth catalyst at Newcom and infused productive energy into the company. As a leader and an insightful businessman, Mr. Bhagtani is comfortable in any role, regardless of whether it is in the executive boardroom or the sales and technical floor, which ultimately allows him to expertly oversee Newcom’s operations.