October 17, 2021

Everything You Need to Know Before Purchasing a USB Cable

We all have heard the word “USB” with all its variations (such as USB 3.0, USB 3.1, or USB-C). We even use these different types of USB cables daily; we use them to charge our […]
October 6, 2021

3 Targus Docking Stations for Small Business and Self-Employed Professionals

Today, many organizations have embraced using USB and even wireless docking stations. Docking stations allow the simultaneous connection and use of multiple devices, such as various keyboards and mice, extra monitors, additional ports, […]
September 20, 2021

Introducing the Logitech Brio and Logitech Brio Stream Webcams

Webcams have become an essential part of a workplace; whether you work in an office or at a home office, you need a proper webcam in order to take an active role in business […]
September 6, 2021
flow enabled keyboard

Logitech Flow-Enabled Keyboards Designed for Multi-Taskers

As we have already covered in our previous articles, “Flow” is one of the most unique and beneficial features Logitech has developed in recent years. If your Logitech […]
August 24, 2021

Introducing Logitech Craft: A Feature-Rich Keyboard for Designers

Keyboards are one of the most essential parts of a computer. They might be a basic item that you simply purchase for any PC, but as the main input of computers, with which we spend […]
August 22, 2021

Top Features of the Best Antivirus for Gaming PCs: Norton 360 for Gamers

Today, using an antivirus is a necessity for almost every person. In fact, our online safety, personal data, and privacy all crucially depend on these protective software applications. Gamers have even more reasons to use a proper antivirus software program.   In our previous […]
June 9, 2021

2 Targus Docking Stations That Will Transform the Way You Work

In one of our previous articles, we fully covered the benefits of docking stations and their most important features. As we discussed in that article, these […]
June 7, 2021

6 Ways Interactive Flat Panel Displays Absolutely Benefit Business Organizations

Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFPD) can cause a significant revolution in the way companies and offices collaborate. With all of the beneficial features IFPDs provide, the […]
June 2, 2021

An Introduction to Targus MiraLogic and How It Can Transform Your Workplace

Internet of Things (IoT) is a brilliant concept, especially when it is used to form a bond between hardware and software that enable human beings to […]
May 31, 2021

Important Benefits of Interactive Flat Panel Displays for Teachers and Educational Institutions

In our previous article, we introduced Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFPD) and delved into the top eight features of these devices. As we said, they can […]
May 27, 2021

The Importance of Interactive Flat Panel Displays and 8 of Their Outstanding Features

Interactive Flat Panel Displays, also known as IFPD for short, are large-format touchscreen displays suited for meeting rooms, school and university classrooms, or any other type […]
May 26, 2021

5 Reasons Why Logitech Rally Plus is the Ultimate Video Conferencing Solution for Large Conference Rooms

Logitech has been a staple in the video-conferencing solution market for quite some time, with few brands capable of giving it fair competition. The main competition […]