March 18, 2021

3 Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention to the Digital Currency Market

With more and more businessmen investing in digital currencies and benefitting from significant growth in the value of popular types of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, it […]
March 13, 2021

Portable Document Scanners Are Now More Relevant Than Ever Before

In the digitalized modern world of today, document scanners are a crucial part of the industry. A document scanner is a device that converts written texts […]
March 3, 2021

Types of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has become a norm in our business or even personal life, and it is going to stay that way in the future years. According […]
February 24, 2021

Quality of Headsets By Logitech

How many times have we been caught up in a situation where our microphones or headphones failed us? What about times during which they stopped working, […]
February 21, 2021

The Uncharted Dangers of the Cyber Universe Part III: 3 Recommendations on How to Protect Yourself From CyberCrime

In the dangerous realms of the cyber universe, how can one stay truly safe and secure? In our previous article, we covered some of the most […]
February 15, 2021

The Uncharted Dangers of the Cyber Universe Part II: The Importance of Cybersecurity

The number of active internet users and the amount of time spent daily in the cyber universe has increased significantly in the year 2020 as the […]
February 7, 2021

The Role of Online Education in Future

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 and cities going under lockdown, one of the biggest changes in our everyday life was the way education systems works. As […]
January 10, 2021
The Uncharted Dangers of Cyber Universe

The Uncharted Dangers of the Cyber Universe Part I

The Internet has become a necessity in our lives today, as a lot of people spend hours of their daily time on the internet using their […]
December 10, 2020

Here is Why Companies Will Continue Using Video Conferencing Platforms Even in Post-Corona Era

It has been more than a year since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus which has affected everyone’s lives without any exceptions for better or worse. […]
December 2, 2020
work from home

How to prepare for work at home? (teleworking)

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, many companies were forced to close their doors as many countries around the world decided to quarantine their cities. […]
December 2, 2020

How to prepare for Work from home? (teleworking)

A lot of companies have closed doors since the spread of the COVID-19 virus as many countries around the world decided to quarantine their cities. Months […]
March 30, 2021

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