Quality of Headsets By Logitech

How many times have we been caught up in a situation where our microphones or headphones failed us? What about times during which they stopped working, or started making loud noises while we were talking in an important online business meeting, or even played the background noises present in our house during an online class? Well, we all have been there, or at least have seen other people end up as victims of these problems. And these incidents only prove how important the quality of the microphones and headphones we use for our work and education are.

As the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone to stay home and work or study remotely, online meetings and classes have become a daily norm rather than the occasional events for special conditions, which they used to be known for. Therefore, more and more people require microphones and headphones in order to attend and participate in these online classes and meetings. And that just doubles down how crucial the quality of microphones and headphones is since we actually use them every day.

While many computer accessories help create a smoother online working or learning environment, headsets, which come with a built-in microphone, are among the most essential. Since it is difficult to participate in classes or meetings without proper audio or a suitable microphone, headsets are a must-have for anyone who wants to have a comfortable remote work or study experience.  So, having proper devices to receive and send audio with sufficient quality is quite necessary, and a number of specific factors should be considered in choosing one of these devices. So, let’s cover some of the most important features of a proper headset for those who work or study remotely.

Audio Quality

Audio Quality comes first when we talk about important online matters such as business and education. Whether it is the audio that the user receives or the audio they send via their microphone, it has to be in a good state of quality, one that everyone in the meeting or the class would be able to understand easily. Naturally, you do not want to be misheard in a business meeting or have trouble listening to your instructor’s lesson.

Background Noise Cancelling

Another important factor is the microphone’s ability to remove unwanted noises. A lot of people live with their family, which means that their background can become quite noisy from time to time; and in many cases, there are also the ambient sounds of fans and air conditioners that could interfere with speech. These noises can distract both the user and the other attendees. However, with background noise canceling, which filters out any pops or hisses, everyone can stay focused on their work without any distraction. The noise-canceling feature has become possible through a variety of microphone technologies and software algorithms and is very essential to pay attention to while choosing a proper headset for business or education.

The Importance of Quality of Headsets By Logitech

Comfortable Experience

Nowadays a lot of teachers and students use their headsets for long hours every day, and a lot of times, businessmen have chaotic work weeks with online meetings and conferences being scheduled back-to-back. Thus, having a headset that feels comfortable and does not bother one’s neck or ears is really crucial. After all, this is about people’s health and should have more significant importance for anyone who is going to use their headset every day.


Last but not least is the importance of a headset’s compatibility with different devices. Today, there is a wide range of various devices produced by different manufacturers, and each one of them comes with its own operating system. So, while choosing a proper headset, an important note to pay attention to is whether that headset is compatible with all of your devices or not. Can you use it on your both Windows PC and Mac OS? Can you then plug it into your smartphone or tablet? These are the questions one must ask before purchasing a headset.

The Importance of Quality of Headsets By Logitech

Recommended Headsets for Businessmen and Educators

After considering all of the above factors, there will be a handful of choices left that offer the proper quality and features. Among them, Logitech products are some of the best ones available; their headsets are very comfortable and also deliver good microphone performance.

The key feature of Logitech headsets is their comfort. Logitech H800 Bluetooth Wireless, for instance, stays on the head with an adjustable padded headband and sculpted foam ear cups for a comfortable fit. Besides providing excellent comfort, H800 is vertically adjustable and also features a noise-canceling microphone, a built-in equalizer, rich stereo sound with laser-tuned speaker drivers, and convenient storage. The battery life of this headset is six hours, which is quite sufficient. This headset is exceptionally good for those who spend long hours of their time in either online classes or business calls.

Another good option is the Logitech Zone Wireless Headset, which also includes advanced features like Qi wireless charging and the ability to connect to a computer, smartphone, and tablet at the same time. For a person who uses other Logitech wireless products, Logitech Zone can be a perfect choice as one USB-A receiver can connect up to six of those wireless devices. Moreover, it is equipped with features such as button controls that provide easy access to power, noise cancellation, and wireless Bluetooth pairing.

The Importance of Quality of Headsets By Logitech

Popular Choices for Teachers

Teachers who are looking for a good headset with easy set-up can choose Logitech H390, which is a great option when it comes to online teaching equipment. First of all, like most other Logitech headsets, H390 feels very comfortable. It has adjustable padded headbands and ear pads, which ensure the comfortability of the headset, especially for instructors who often wear it all day. Another great feature of H390 is its noise-canceling microphone that allows for clear communication between all parties. This is a great benefit for teachers or students who live in areas that are busier. Using H390, educators can always have a clear voice in their class, without letting any background noise in.

It is also worth mentioning that H390 is very compatible with various devices; it just works with any operating system, whether it be Windows PC or Mac OS. H390 provides a great experience, including all of the four factors of a proper headset (Quality, Noise-Cancelling, Comfort, and Compatibility) while having a very affordable price at only AED 139. People can use this versatile headset even for calls and video chats over Skype without facing any issues.

The Importance of Quality of Headsets By Logitech

Another good option for teachers, especially those who are on a budget, is Logitech H110. This is a low-cost headset that is superior in comparison to other headsets in its price range. One of its advantages is the fact that it can be used on any computer and system. H110 is both comfortable and compatible, and also quite easy to use. All that customers need to do is to plug in their headset to their device and start using it without it requiring any software specifications. H110 has a 6-foot cord that enables users to move freely during their online class or stand when they are tired of sitting.

The Logitech H800 that we discussed earlier is also pretty well-known among educators, and one of the main reasons for that is due to how great its microphone is at canceling noises. H800’s accessible microphone has been joined with a clamor dropping component, which guarantees that teachers can always talk loud and clear, with their students consistently hearing them plainly.


It is a matter of fact that online education and business meetings are a norm now, and they are here to stay. Therefore, having a proper headset with a quality microphone that ensures easy and convenient participation has become significantly essential. In 2021, everyone who works or participates in classes online on a daily basis should definitely acquire a suitable headset that is both comfortable and provides good audio quality, as it is essential to our day-to-day activities both in the short and long run.

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